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My name is Merry Schiff, and I have been in the health insurance and medical billing industry since the 1970’s. I was a single young mother with four children, working many hours to help take care of my family. Healthcare had always been an interest of mine and becoming a nurse or social worker would take, in my mind, too much time. I decided to get involved in the financial management of the medical office. I figured that if I could show a physician how to bring in more money, that I could “make it” as a medical biller and consultant. I needed to work from home at the time, and very few people were doing that in those days. I bit the bullet and started my own business and always admitted to people that were interested in my services, that I was “working from home.”brainstorming

My business grew rapidly. Soon medical billing became a popular business, especially for parents who wanted to stay home with their children. With the experience I had in setting up my own business, I decided to help others learn from my experiences. I began to train others with a deep desire and passion to succeed in the industry of medical billing.

In 2004-2005, I was offered an exceptional opportunity to write a textbook for Pearson Publishing on medical billing. I also co-authored a book about HIPAA around that time. Because of those experiences, in 2008, I was offered another opportunity to create and teach a medical billing course online for a major university. I had over 1500 students and was responsible for maintaining and updating all course materials as well as supporting the students. For most of them, it was the first time that they had studied online and it was a process to walk them through this new experience. Unfortunately, the school closed their continued education department, so medical billing, coding, legal nursing and many other courses were discontinued. It is because of a conflict of interest with the university, that I had to close down the NEBA website. I did, however, maintain many of the connections with my students and continued to mentor.

With my exit from the university, I have now been free to pursue the reopening of the NEBA website, and bring NEBA back to the medical billing stage with even more educational resources,  continued education, and professional certifications. NEBA is the place for the person who wants to be trained so that they can either work in an medical office, or for the entrepreneur who wants to setup and be successful in their own medical billing business. Whichever venture you choose, please be aware that this is an industry that changes very rapidly, and your biggest responsibility will be to stay up-to-date with the latest resources, information and education. I hope that you will allow us to give you this opportunity!

With over 40 years experience in all aspects of the medical billing business, I am an innovator in an industry that did not have specific medical billing training programs, certifications, software, or support. My focus is and always has been, on providing industry knowledge, technical competency, business acumen, and a willingness to adapt to technology changes in a fast-growing healthcare field. I remain dedicated to influencing the industry and sharing expertise with students.

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